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Human, Planet Earth goes live!

Human, Planet Earth goes live!

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Human, Planet Earth has completed its first range of learning resources and these are now available online. They include a first Citizens' Pathway course: the Quick Start Guide to Sustainable Living. This is a 10 - 12 hour course for adults and young adults (over 16) which aims to help each and every one of us to contribute to achieving a truly sustainable relationship with Planet Earth. It first develops an understanding of the unsustainable nature of human activity and then explores the different ways and means we have of living sustainably as an integral part of the planet’s ecosystem. Along the way we hear from a series of inspirational people who are pioneering ways of living sustainably. Whilst acknowledging the scale of the environmental problem we have created, the focus is all about finding ways for us all to live sustainably.

In addition to the Quick Start Guide, there are two videos: 'Whose planet is it?' and 'Pathway to Sustainable Living', both on our YouTube channel.

Completing the catalogue of learning resources are three easy-access Quizzes which are a great way to get to grips with key elements of the sustainability problems we are facing, and how we can overcome them to achieve true sustainable living.