Human, Planet Earth's general courses, resources and accreditation in sustainable living. Our first Citizen's Pathways course is The Quick Start Guide to Sustainable Living.

Course Image Quick Start Guide to Sustainable Living

Quick Start Guide to Sustainable Living

This is a 10 - 12 hour short online course for adults and young adults (over 16) which aims to help each and every one of us contribute to achieving a truly sustainable relationship with Planet Earth. It first develops an understanding of the unsustainable nature of human activity and then explores the different ways and means we have of living sustainably as an integral part of the planet’s ecosystem. Along the way we hear from a series of inspirational people who are pioneering ways of living sustainably. For a full course brochure, select Brochure - Quick Start Guide to Sustainable Living from the Menu tab above (available to Guest users). Full access to the course is free to approved users: if you'd like to be enrolled, contact us at, to let us know. If you have not been enrolled, you can still access all the course simply logged in as a Guest, but as read-only.