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Microcredential 100-hr degree-level course on sustainable living

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We have launched our microcredential Pathways to Sustainable Living course and we are seeking joint ventures with universities to promote the spread of education for sustainability and sustainable development (EfS/ESD).

It is an online 100-hours-study module for learners who wish to develop in-depth knowledge, skills and capabilities in sustainability and sustainable living. 

The module is designed for universities to use in their Education for Sustainability/Education for Sustainable Development (EfS/ESD) programmes either as a standalone course or as part of a wider programme. 

For all enquiries, contact us at

Quick Start Guide to Sustainable Living

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Human, Planet Earth has published its free Quick Start Guide to Sustainable Living. It can be used to complement any Education for Sustainability programme.

Its a 10 - 12 hour online short course for adults and young adults (over 16) which aims to help each and every one of us to contribute to achieving a truly sustainable relationship with Planet Earth. It first develops an understanding of the unsustainable nature of human activity and then explores the different ways and means we have of living sustainably as an integral part of the planet’s ecosystem. Along the way we hear from a series of inspirational people who are pioneering ways of living sustainably. Whilst acknowledging the scale of the environmental problem we have created, the focus is all about finding ways for us all to live sustainably.

Its free to anyone who logs in as a guest, although you won't as a guest user be able to add comments to discussions. If you want to be enrolled for free, so you can do the course fully, let us know by contacting us at

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